Business NOW Account  

Tailored for sole proprietors, qualifying, unincorporated businesses, and not-for-profit organizations who have larger balances in their account. Also as apart of our small business customers we include payment processing and credit card billing services with PsBill at no additional cost. PsBill includes a virtual terminal setup so their are no costly terminal leases or difficult equipment setups.

  • Minimum to open $100.00
  • Interest earned*
  • Interest compounded daily, credited monthly
  • Monthly maintenance fee $5.00
  • Fee for each check paid (posted to the account) $.11
  • Fee per item deposit $.11
  • Float fee per item deposited (on-us or transit) $.11
  • Monthly fee for negative collected balance
    *Interest is paid on average collected balances

  • Interest-bearing
  • Imaged checks and deposits returned monthly
  • Free night drop bag