Business Checking and Savings 
Linda Swanson Eaton (970)454-4125
Mayo Honstein Downtown Greeley (970)454-4182
Debra O'Dell Downtown Greeley (970)454-4193
Kelly Pendleton West Greeley (970)454-4157
Rachael Paladichuck West Greeley (970)454-4154
Mary Ellen Boehler Fort Collins North (970)266-6838
Adrienne Burford Fort Collins North (970)266-6835
Peggy Roberts Fort Collins Steele's (970)266-6872
Christ Schafer Fort Collins Steele's (970)266-6871
Ruth Johnson Fort Collins Harmony (970)267-6816
Brian Neyt Fort Collins Harmony (970)267-6815
Kristine Harris Loveland (970)266-6905
Amber Salazar Loveland-DelCamino (720)494-2205
Pamela Lowther Windsor (970)454-4195
Marcia Glanz Windsor (970)454-5446

Jumbo CD Information 
Paul Taylor Windsor (970)454-4112 
Toll Free (888)226-3456

Investment Services 
Penny Bruch Downtown Greeley (970)454-4183
Mayo Honstein Downtown Greeley (970)454-4182

Commercial Loans and Construction Loans
Brett Brunner Eaton (970)454-4110
Dan Rockwell Downtown Greeley (970)454-4176
Steven Kinsman Downtown Greeley (970)454-4180
Jim Davies West Greeley (970)454-4152
Dennis Dougherty West Greeley (970)454-4164
Larry Hergert West Greeley (970)454-4116
Dennis Holman West Greeley (970)454-4165
Chris Jeavons West Greeley (970)454-4151
Gary Butler Fort Collins North (970)266-6845
Kelly Cowper Fort Collins North (970)266-6844
Bob Morgan Fort Collins North (970)266-6837
Mike Anderson Fort Collins Harmony (970)267-6823
Dave Armstrong Fort Collins Harmony (970)267-6810
Tim Ostic Fort Collins Harmony (970)267-6822
Kristi Benningsdorf Windsor (970)454-4198
Larry Wood Windsor (970)454-6812
Susan Raso Loveland (970)267-6906
Mel Green Longmont-Del Camino (720)494-2210
Pam Hauschild Longmont-Del Camino (720)494-2214
Bud Noffsinger Longmont-Del Camino (720)494-4943
Robert Hinderaker Longmont (720)494-4940

Agricultural Loans 
Kenny Stumpf Eaton (970)454-4114
Steven Kinsman Downtown Greeley (970)454-4180
Dennis Dougherty West Greeley (970)454-4164
Larry Hergert West Greeley (970)454-4116

Small Business Loans 
David Sanchez Downtown Greeley (970)454-4175

Consumer Loans 
Nathan Myers Eaton (970)454-4115
Tim Kerbs West Greeley (970)454-4161
Kathy Reynolds Fort Collins Riverside (970)266-6874
Pamela Hauschild Longmont-Del Camino (720)494-2214
Bud Noffsinger Longmont (720)494-4943

Dealer Loans 
Sue Bean Downtown Greeley (970)454-4186
Elaine Holman Downtown Greeley (970)454-4187

Cash Management 
LaRue Mondt West Greeley (970)454-4149

Merchant Card Services  
Becky Weaver West Greeley (970)454-4153

Human Resources 
Rosella Segura Windsor (970)454-4147

Kwik Klik 
Michelle Jensen West Greeley (970)454-5155

Business Manager 
Mary Savage Longmont-Del Camino (720)494-2213